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I'm Wendell C. Versaille, and I'm deeply passionate about music, faith, and guiding others on their spiritual journey. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, my family moved to the United States when I was five, sparking my love for music. Living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I explored various instruments, driven by an eagerness to learn. At thirteen, I embraced Jesus Christ as my Savior, forever shaping my identity. Music and faith intertwined, leading me to serve God through my musical talents. I pursued a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies at Liberty University, solidifying my path as a pastor and Elder at Hill City Community Church. For over a decade, I've connected with local churches, empowering young adults through worship and teaching God's Word. In Lynchburg, Virginia, I met my loving wife, Naomi, and we cherish our two children, Josiah and Ariyah. My mission is constant growth and guiding others toward their potential through discipleship and worship. Join me on this inspiring journey of faith and music!


Let's connect on this inspiring journey of faith, music, and uplifting others as we walk hand in hand toward a brighter future.

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