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I’m Cynthia Merchant and my greatest desire is to show the love of Christ to our children and have them know Christ as young children. I was brought up in the church and was baptized at a young age. However, I didn’t fully come to know Jesus until I finished college and became a parent. Yes, I didn’t stay in the church for some years, but I eventually made my way back to Jesus and made sure my children knew Jesus as well. My husband Tim and I have 2 children, Jessica, and TJ, and 2 grandchildren, McKenzie and Londyn. Our home has always been filled with family and friends that we have mentored over the past 30 years. With the support of my husband, we have been able to give back to God’s children and adult children in whatever way we can. Just giving of our time has been a blessing to us as well as to our “adopted children”. There’s a song that says, I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way….. Cliché, but this could not be a truer statement. Let us all give our love, support, smiles, and kindness and give the gift of knowing Jesus to our little ones and adult children. That is something that will warm hearts and bring a kind of joy to you that no one can take away.


Let's connect on this inspiring journey of faith and community uplifting others as we walk hand in hand toward a brighter future.

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