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Policies & Procedures
Nursery and Children’s Ministry

Because we love children and desire to protect them, Christ Church Greensboro (CCG) requires all staff members and volunteers working with children or students (and other vulnerable populations) to complete SAFETY STEPS before ministry work or volunteer placements begin.


Criminal Background Check - CCG requires that all staff members and volunteers working in children’s or student activities or programming undergo a criminal background check which will be renewed every 2 years.  Depending upon position, differing levels or intensity of background check may be required. Certain Volunteers serving in areas of increased levels or frequency of interaction with children will be required to complete a Sexual Abuse Awareness Training. This training will be renewed every 4 years. Individuals who have committed sexually oriented or sex-related crimes may not serve in any area providing services to children or minors. In addition, certain other past criminal acts may preclude an applicant from serving minors.


Nursery Room/Children’s Classroom Guidelines


  • Two trained, screened adults should always supervise children. Avoid being alone with an individual child in any room or during any ministry program. If one supervising adult must leave a group of children, another volunteer or teen helper must be notified so that the Two Adult Rule can be followed. All doors to the Nursery Classes should always be kept open and doors to the children’s classrooms should remain cracked open when possible.  (Where there may be a child with special needs that would see this as a temptation to run from class, the door should remain shut for the child’s physical safety.)  There will always be 2 Adult Volunteers for the baby and toddler Nursery.  A teen helper is always appreciated. Video cameras and viewing screens have been installed to provide parents the ability to view activity in the Nursery rooms while care is being provided for their children at CCG.


  • Upon Nursery check-in – Using the iPad and the Check In app, enter your phone number and follow the instructions to check in your child (s) into the Nursery. Print the label and place on your child and keep the 2nd label to pick up your child from the Nursery. Volunteers must check each Parent number and Child number before releasing a child at pick up.  If staff members or volunteers are uncertain who to release the child to, they should immediately locate or contact the Nursery Coordinator or Pastor before releasing the child.



  • Young children will never be left unattended in bathrooms. Only female nursery workers or the child’s parent or legal guardian will undertake the diapering of children of either sex. Changing of diapers should be done in plain sight of other nursery workers. Children will never be left unattended on changing tables. Children should be re-diapered and re-clothed immediately upon the completion of changing their soiled diaper. Children should be changed on changing stations only. No child will be forced to toilet train. When children are taken into bathrooms the door will be left partially open. When bathroom breaks can be coordinated between two Nursery rooms so that there are two workers in the bathroom, this is ideal. However, for physical safety, a ratio of no less than two children but no more than 3 per worker should be maintained. This is to protect small children from injury in an area with high sinks, possible wet floors, and other safety hazards. Adults who are monitoring children old enough to use the bathroom without assistance should wait outside of the bathroom or at the door to the bathroom. If the adult needs to go into the bathroom to check on the children, the door should be propped open.

  • SPECIAL NEEDS:  Parents will offer instruction to staff members or volunteers to change the diapers of individuals with special needs.

  • Male Volunteers and Staff - We are blessed with having many men who volunteer in the Nursery and throughout our Children’s Ministry. However, we want to make certain that male volunteers and male staff do not assist children other than their own, in using the bathroom or performing diaper changes.  This means that two male workers cannot work together in a Nursery classroom without a female volunteer to assist. But two male teachers may work together in the elementary aged classrooms where there would be no need for bathroom assisting.

  • It is Christ Church Greensboro’s policy that staff members and volunteers are prohibited from using physical discipline in any manner for behavioral management of children.  No form of physical discipline is acceptable.  Uncontrollable or unusual behavior should be reported to the Nursery Coordinator, Children’s Ministry Director or Pastor.

  • Never yell at a child. Never grab a child. Never threaten a child. Never hit a child. Never confront a parent in front of others. Never openly humiliate a child in front of the class.

  • Do not administer medication of any kind to any child while serving in ministry programs, including ‘over the counter’ drugs.

  • Staff members and volunteers should never conduct one-to-one, unobserved meetings or interaction with children while participating in Christ Church Greensboro Children’s Ministry program.  Another adult who has completed the Christ Church Greensboro application and screening process should always be present.

  • Appropriate touch- Whether a hug or just holding a hand, touch should be in response to the need of the child and not the need of the adult. Touch should be age-appropriate and generally initiated by the child rather than the adult. It should be with the child’s permission and any resistance from the child should be respected. Some children are shy, and some may be coping with emotional or physical hurts. If a child is physically backing away or avoiding you while it may seem fun to turn this into a game, there are clues that we want to be mindful and respectful of.

  • After each child has been picked up by their parent, please make sure that the room has been arranged and cleaned up and that any drinking cups are left for the Nursery Coordinator. If any supplies are needed that are not available, please inform the Nursery Coordinator.

  • Accident or Injury:  A designated form has been provided for all volunteers to report any accidents or injury. The form can be found on the outside of the cabinet where the Nursery Policy located. Notify the appropriate supervisor (Nursery Coordinator, Children’s Ministry Director, or Pastor) immediately if any accident or injury occurs.

  • Abuse:  As a volunteer if you notice or suspect any abuse or unusual behavior in any child, notify the appropriate supervisor (Nursery Coordinator, Children’s Ministry Director, or Pastor) immediately.

  • After every ministry event, ensure that every room, area and restroom is checked prior to leaving.

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